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Inside this free book, you’ll learn what does it take to start a career in the field of human rights:

No law degree needed - With a simple search on career websites, you can find hundreds of jobs that require a human rights consultant, and most of them do not require individuals to have a law degree or be a lawyer. Why is that? Because a human rights consultant doesn't have to be a lawyer because they do not practice law. The human rights consultant's purpose is to teach people about human rights and help individuals and companies understand and promote human rights. 

No volunteer work - Human rights work is much more than just providing volunteer service to your community. If done right, this career can be both highly fulfilling and financially lucrative as well. 

No more mysteries - This book will outline some of the benefits of becoming a human rights professional, as well as some of the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed in this field. You will be able to go through it step-by-step, build your understanding of what a human rights career looks like, and get personal guidance about how I went from student to human rights leader and an award-winning human rights specialist. 

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"I'm looking to make a real difference in the world

But Don't Know Where to Start!”


How to Become a Human Rights Professional “A Guide to Human Rights Advocacy"


“What does it take to start a career in the field of human rights??”

In this book, HOW TO BECOME A HUMAN RIGHTS PROFESSIONAL, I have outlined the steps needed to enter this fascinating and important field. From understanding the international human rights framework to the difference between activism and advocacy, creating leadership through education, NGO advocacy, and shaping human rights legislation, this book provides you with a comprehensive guide to pursuing a career in human rights. 

I’m not exactly sure what you were expecting when you picked up this book, but it definitely isn’t the dry, academic tone typically found that will permeate its pages. In fact, this book is meant as a guide, something that you can always go back and read, and not a textbook for law students. The language is simple, accessible, and helpful. 

 So many books are written on the subject of human rights, tackling mostly their legal aspect, their sources, and especially violations of human rights. It contains personal experience and analysis from a human rights advocate who has been there, giving you everything that’s needed if you want to become one too!  

Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Getting...

Looking to start a career in human rights but afraid of failure after spending so much money on training and education? You got it! Read this book instead and you'll discover how you can get from beginner to experienced and establish your career in human rights advocacy..

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: I created ‘How to become a human rights professional’ not as an academic book, but as a practical guide, so that you can always, at any point, go back and read any chapter when you require that specialized knowledge 
  • Chapter 2 - The International Human Rights framework: You’ll learn the definition of human rights, how we got from the rights of men to human rights, how to make no mistake about confusing human rights, civil rights, and other types of rights; and, discover the different existing international human rights systems. 
  • Chapter 3 - Activism and Advocacy: Is being an activist a bad thing? This chapter explains the difference between activism and advocacy and whether you can choose to be one or both.  
  • Chapter 4 - Human Rights Education: Takes you on an exciting journey learning about the role of human rights education and how implementing human rights education early can impact decision-making. 
  • Chapter 5 - Creating leadership through NGO advocacy: This chapter reveals how to create leadership for human rights education through NGO Advocacy, how to start your nonprofit organization, and some of the best actions you can take immediately to ensure success. 
  • Chapter 6 - Becoming a Human Rights Consultant: Discover the road to a career in human rights; how can you become a human rights consultant? What are some of the key services that human rights consultants can offer in order to generate income? 
  • Chapter 7 - Deliver human rights training: Tells you everything you need to know about delivering human rights training to others, from why they are needed to what a training should include.
  • Chapter 8 - Help shape human rights legislation: Shares how you can help shape human rights legislation in order to defend, protect and promote human rights for all. 

And That's JUST The Beginning of Your Journey...

How to work in human rights or become a human rights advocate book

Know the exact skills & knowledge that you must have!

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Meet the Author Isabelle Vladoiu

But there ARE are few reasons why I'm doing this:

1. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated member of society. If you got on this page it means that you already have a goal and a passion to create change and inspire others to become advocates for peace, and this is kind of a cool way to give back in my own meaningful way.

2. Because I publish this book as part of a nonprofit, US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. The intention is purely to educate as many people as possible on the subject of human rights.

3. I get another one of my products in your hands! When it helps you, and you see how awesome and powerful it is for your business, it just might get you thinking about checking out some of my other stuff in the future….

4. It is one of my fundamental beliefs that when we reach a certain point of success in business (or in life), in order to continue GROWING, the student must become the teacher, and help others who are on the same journey. 

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