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Cross-cultural Communication, Allowing You to Train Others Around the Globe!

 Diplomatic Protocol And Business Etiquette: Get access to the Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette Certification Training and Many Priceless Bonuses. Become a diplomatic protocol and etiquette consultant and be able to use, coach and deliver workshops, seminars and classes teaching others diplomatic skills. Make this the year you thrive rather than just survive.  

  •  Hands-on Video Training (36 lectures) (Valued At $1,500)
  • Binder Notes, Guides, Case studies, Templates and Presentations (Valued At $443)
  •  Checklists for organizing a smooth formal event (Valued At $57)
  •  Access to our Webinar: Strategies for Writing the Perfect Letter of Invitation for Government Officials (Valued At $497)
 BONUS - Ebook: How To Avoid Common Mistakes By Knowing Protocol for Proper Seating Arrangement (Valued At $70)
  BONUS: Template + Phone Script Invitation Letter for Ambassadors, Government or VIPs (Valued At $97)

Get the Diplomatic Protocol  Certification Plus 2 NEW Bonuses!

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Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

THE Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette 
Certification Training

Not Just Another Online Course! 

Diplomatic skills are not reserved to diplomats! In a world where first impressions mean everything, it is essential to have the skillset to make a lasting impression. 

People gravitate around successful individuals who project self-confidence and having etiquette skills will allow you to display more of these qualities and exude a powerful professional presence. Imagine having the confidence to get the job that you want, the career you deserve, close business deals at a blink of an eye. Imagine being able to master a future-proofed and in-demand skill. Being noticed for your great etiquette skills is a sure way to get recognized and moved up the ladder. 

And all of the most guarded secrets about international etiquette and diplomacy are revealed in this Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette Certification Training!


What Sets People Like Dean & Tony Apart From The Rest Of The World When It Comes To Creating & Scaling Successful Businesses And Brands? 

You Will Gain The Exact "Difference Makers" In This Closed Door Full Day Workshop, Where Dean & Top Marketing Leaders Go Deep On Topics Like The Value Ladder, Hook Story Close, Marketing Evolution, The Wagon Wheel, And So Much More.

This is an event that was only available to people who spent at LEAST $10,000 and it is yours today when you enroll in the Accelerated Success Formula!

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Who Should Take This Course?

  • ​​Executives
  • ​Managers
  • ​​Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • ​Diplomats, public officials, and international relations professionals
  • ​​Embassy staff and diplomatic security personnel
  • ​​Customer Service staff
  • ​ ​HR Professionals
  • ​​Public Relations staff
  • ​Nonprofit staff
  • ​​Graduate students and faculty

In This Course You'll Learn How To:

start the transformation in your life. content is not enough, you need the RIGHT SKILLS & STRATEGIES!

  • ​​ADDRESS an Ambassador, The President, royals or any official in person or in writing.
  • AVOID PAST MISTAKES in communicating the wrong things either in person or in writing
  • ​​BOOST YOUR CREDIBILITY by knowing how to properly introduce another person.
  • ​​RECEIVE and exchange business cards by applying diplomatic etiquette.
  • ​​Organize and host high-level conferences and events 
  • ​​Know how to professionally address and speak with anyone including VIPs and officials
  • ​​GAIN CONFIDENCE in yourself by meeting the requirements of proper attire and dress code.
  • ​​STOP BAD MANNERS at the dinner table by applying the accepted practices for table etiquette.

And Even More Success Stories...

When you enroll in this course you will be blown away by what's been created for you...

A Self-paced training
& professional certification!

When you enroll in this course you will be blown away by what's been created for you...

This isn't just your typical course with content that you learn once but never actually apply so nothing changes... This is a detailed, in depth journey from the person you are now to the person you are destined to be.

Each Module Comes Equipped With Interactive Audio-visuals and Materials to Download So You Can Listen or Read Along No Matter Where You Are! 

Short quizzes will have to be answered and once you complete 100%, you'll receive your Certificate and Badge, that you can easily add on LinkedIn and other platforms

Stop Wondering How You Could Benefit from USIDHR's Life Changing Certification?

1. Enhance your professional awareness 

People judge you and your business on how you carry yourself in social and professional situations. If you don’t know the proper way to address a high-level official, introduce another person or how to offer a business card, people might question your credibility. By using business etiquette, you send a clear message to fellow professionals that you’re at their level. You also portray yourself as someone who is confident and at ease, both in business meetings and at social gatherings.

2. Develop a huge professional network

With its focus on treating others with courtesy and respect, business etiquette and diplomatic protocol can pave the way for developing relationships with individuals or businesses from different cultural backgrounds. Learn the “do’s and don’ts” of the country and cultures with which you’re partnering and avoid unintentionally offending someone.

3. Open doors to business growth

Diplomatic protocol and etiquette is a social skill that has proven to open many professional doors. A well-mannered professional, skilled in effective communication and comfortable in a wide range of professional situations will inspire trust more easily than someone who isn’t. Superior business etiquette skills deliver the most effective advantage in a highly competitive business arena.

4. Ability to handle any situation

Very few professionals know how to build rapport and get their message across without damaging the relationship. When you use business etiquette principles you will know how to handle yourself in any situation, pleasant or unpleasant. Plus, employers are more likely to employ somebody who they believe will get on well with their current staff.

5. Accelerate your professional career

Enhance your career and become a Diplomatic Protocol Consultant. Take on new clients and launch your consultant business. Get ready to share with the world what you've learned in this training!

Your Instructor 

Isabelle Vladoiu 

Isabelle Vladoiu is a Diplomatic Protocol Expert, International Human Rights Law Specialist and the founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights.  For more than a decade working in human rights education, she has trained more than 15,000 people. Her expertise has been shared with individuals, policy makers in Congress, government officials, and leaders of international organizations. 

She is also the author of the Best Selling book - Business Etiquette Secrets. 

She was awarded by two Presidents of the United States for her contribution to humanity, in 2018 and 2022. Other awards include letters of appreciation from governors, U.S. Senators and Representatives, local legislators and other non-governmental organizations. 

She studied Master of Laws both in Europe and the United States, graduating with honors from the University of Buffalo School of Law. 

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